Saving the planet

One water bottle at a time


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Message on a bottle


"Save the planet", the most important message of our time, doesn't seem to be getting through.

We added another word to the sentence.

Think that'll work? Not enough?

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Initial Karma Offering - I.K.O.

10% of our net income goes to The Cousteau Society. They do incredible work, their mission is "to protect and improve the quality of life for present and future generations."

To recap: you buy a water bottle, we donate to a wonderful cause, and together we get to do something that matters.

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The movement

Water bottles are just the beginning.

Soon we will add more beautiful and unusually branded items to the STFP Sustainable Collection.

Next off the rank are take-away coffee cups. Oh, and plastic bags ... really?

So please join us on this imperatively phrased and noble mission to say goodbye to single use plastic. Forever.

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Points of wonder


Feel the love, please be nice, don't use the plastic